Facebook open letter.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA  The truth about Mark A——t

–          Es ist unmöglich, daß nicht Ärgernisse kommen; weh aber dem, durch welchen sie kommen!

Denn nichts ist verborgen, das nicht offenbar werde, auch nichts Heimliches, das nicht kund werde und an den Tag komme

The time comes to reveal a terrible and monstrous falsehood, which is a shame for their family, for their friends and for all the people who trust in this man.

Also is a terrible treason to the Christians values of the Church of the Saints of the last Days, where a member of his family has a public responsibility in the branch of Rostock.

All the information that you will read here can be corroborate in a website: http://www.josephinelettersliesconfessions.wordpress.com  

where you can found the integrality of the mailing that we had exchanged. Where you can check the veracity, even the more minimal aspect, of this history.

However now I will try to be concise. You will have extended info in the website

At least since the wedding of Jos—–e and Andy, Mark Albrecht show himself in couple with Josephine J–g . But this new relationship is not the result of a romantic reencounter like they are trying to show to everybody.

This is the monstrous truth: This relationship is the result to a monumental double treason.

When this history began around 2010 Mark A——t was in couple with another woman, somebody that many of you know…. and because of courtesy   I don’t say her  name in public.

Josephine J was in couple with a stupid called Martin P. since 2006.

This relationship, that developed uninterrupted for many years (6), began in Montreal, Canada.

After I travelled to be England to be with her… we decide to stay in Canada…. where we live together for around 1 year. After she decides that she can’t be happy in her life if she doesn’t study for become a physician (medic). So even that I try all for help her to continue to study and live in Canada, she was rejected in Montreal university and because she was unable to be accepted in any others Canadians universities, she return to Germany where was so easily to enter in the medical university for her.

At this moment, before, and after we promise each other the more sacred votes of love.

Then we travelled a lot across the Atlantic Ocean… losing each time a part of ours soul and heart in each “see you soon”.

At this moment Mark began to contact her like a “friend”, but when he began to sleep alone with her in her apartment in Berlin…. I become obviously preoccupied, but Josephine saw: – don’t worry is just a friend…..   and also have a girlfriend living with him.

Well this relationship become very serious, at the point that Mark lies constantly to his partner for went very often to “sleep” with Josephine in Berlin. Master of lies and manipulation, Mark could even dissimulate a ticket for bad parking of his car in front of the Josephine apartment in Berlin, when he had said to her partner that he was in another city playing poker.

I mention this little detail because I feel absolutely disgusted about how this man can be proud of his power of manipulation, and of his capacity play with feeling of people like in a poker game.

Around this time Mark had promised to leave his partner to move with Josephine. However I arrive from Montreal in June 2011, because nobody tells me about the exactly situation. The situation will repeat again in 2012.

At this moment Josephine had said to Mark: – leave your partner and I will kick out Martin.

Mark said – No, I don’t believe that our relationship will work, and I prefer to continue with the other women…. These facts produce in Josephine a deeper depression….

So at this, moment I had decided to return to Canada immediately, and I leaved the apartment.

But she supplicated me desperate: –  please stay with me. I love you…it will never happen again!!

I said to her very clear (check on website) if you love him… follow your love…. But tell me the truth! She answered that she was crazy, because she was lonely.

So at this moment she tells me all the truth, showing me the pictures even of the other girl, crying finally – “she wins” …. So I thought: it is a sick freak that will pass.

So because of my love for her,  and also because of my compromise that I did in England, when she give me  her  virginals votes, to love her, to respect her, to be with her in the bad moments just to the death.

So I forgive her completely and I try to rebuild the relationship.

So I’ve stayed in Berlin, with her, despite that for that I abandon my master degree in Canada, and all my friends and relatives.    Just for be with her…. I abandoned all my life in Canada, I give away all my staff, close my bank account, without take any care for an eventual return.

I don’t complaint about, it was my choice. But this choice was made on the base of a mutual agreement. Josephine said that we had arrived to this situation because of distance. She said that if we had been together this situation never had happened. So even if she saw – you can return to Canada to finish your master degree, don’t worry… I said – No ! I don’t take a second chance…. Because I thought that perhaps in some way was my fault… to leave she alone… even that we agree about that… how stupid I was!!!

Then we began another time the reconstruction of the relationship, with a lot of work,… with the only  condition  to cut the contact with Mark. But I don’t forbid her nothing. We have agreed about this point because she said that when he contacts her year ago she never thought that situation will become to this point, even if I tell her from the beginning. So she said you was right and me I was naïve.

And at this moment I committed a terrible mistake:  I ask her to have a meeting: me, her and Mark to have an adult conversation, for stop for ever this damn situation. But she refuses absolutely. And because off this she had sworn to cut the contact. Another situation that repeat in February 2013.

I thought:    well Mark continue in couple, why I will put in shame her couple, an innocent woman?.

I thought that we can pass   through this catastrophe without collateral damage to this girl.

It was one of the worst mistakes in my life.

I don’t know if really they stop to contact each other like she had sworn, but around 3 or 4 month before September 2012, Mark called another time… this time telling that his relationships was broken, and asking Josephine insistent to kick me out. In the more absolute secret, of course…

Then, they began a parallel relationship in Güstrow and Rostock, almost each week end Josephine left me alone in Berlin with the excuse to visit her mother or prepared the wedding  of J and A.

This parallel relationship was apparently so public…  the family of Josephine and many of their friends know the situation. And nobody said, – hey?  what are you doing? If they (love?) each other’s why don’t tell me directly ?, but not here is another culture…. The culture of the lies…

So they prepared a Machiavellian plan, to try to do my life in Berlin so uncomfortable that I must leave, and the master piece of this plan was the interruption of all erotic activity.(as she told me in an Skype and facebook conversation)  They want that appears that I just leave for my decision… and that in some way it appears that was my decision.

So, at this point I never imagine that she can have something with Mark, because all the promises and also the evidence of the last experience.

I imagined many things, but never that I was the object of a so big manipulation.

And also I never can imagine that Josephine mother, (who come at home and was   very friendly to me) grandmother (who speak very often at phone with me) and J and Andy, all people that know me personally and show some degree, I don’t say to friendship, but at least of respect…   I never could even imagine something like this.

So I decided just to wait until the storm passes: trying to continue to have a normal quotidian life without conflicts, doing the same that always I did: to make her quotidian life as more comfortable it  was possible, thinking that in that way  she can concentrate only in finish her university. In the last times I progressively leaved my German language curses and even others social activities because I don’t wanted to have the opportunity to meet others woman’s… and I just was spending my time playing videogames (when I was not cooking, or washing clothes and furniture)

So because I respected Josephine a lot, I had supported all…. But because they can have any excuse, finally Josephine said: – we need a separation and also you can go with other women’s, because all is my fault.

So, Josephine kick me out directly!, she said –  you must leave now! She had put 600 euros in my pocket and saw: go away !  I don’t care if you have no place where to go. And you can take other girls as well.

So in my desperation…  I thought:   is that she wants? I took a lover for 2 days, put of my staff to the apartment and wait for her reaction.

Her reaction was a big theatrical scene, she said – really I don’t want that you leave, but also I don’t want that you stay here as well…

I supplicate to tell me what’s going on? But nothing, just crying… Desperate I asked her – what I am doing badly. Where is my mistake or my fault? And she told me exactly this: it is not you! It is only me! Is my head! ( n’est pas toi ! c’est juste moi! C’est ma tête! These words are so clear in my memory).

In this time I exchanged my mind: I thought that I can’t continue to be in this pathetic position… so I went to East Europe, where I didn’t know anyone and  where I don’t speak the language at all. So I had there a small success like a singer and some success with some beautiful women. I wanted to demonstrate her that I can be desirable. I tried to attract her desire in the way that she liked… so because she enjoyed many years to be the second woman of someone who have a woman living with him… I thought: for sure I can have many and more beautiful….  Of course, it was a mistake.

So then I leave to east Europe with the idea of return when the storm finish. Even just to the last minute I supplicate, – please tell me what is going on, we can arrange this if we speak…or at least if you can’t speak we can try to made love after all this months and you will see that the situation will become better like the last time.

So I had leaved all my staff in the house and I left with the key that she tell me: – “that is your key. Of your home”, just to the next time.

Then I leave thinking to return in 1 month, when she will say come back, but week after week, month after month run to middle September 2012 to  February 2013.

Not only that… she tell me –  I just wanted that you know that you are in my mind each day. I am just now train to solve my problems.

Unfortunately a therapy does not work in only one day.

So for this we continued a fluent communication by mail, and Facebook, and Skype, like we did in all the months of separation before, which you can check in website. In any moment nobody tell me nothing about that Mark was living in our home, fucking in our bed. My God!, she was utilizing to have intimacy with him, the same clothes that I and my relatives give her like a symbol of our love!!!

In all this time she said all the time that she want that I came back, and many time we had discussed of many tentative dates.

In middle February I come back. My return was expected by Josephine for same days later… but I wanted to be a little beat unexpected.

So I discover the name of Mark on the door, and his clothes in my placard…., can you imagine my surprise?

However at this moment I didn’t release quick was going on,…… because Josephine take me with love, tell me that she had just an affair, she sleep with me in the bed like always and she tell me that nothing sexual was happened… you can believe or not… but I trust her just to the last minute, where she confess the real situation.

Then she cry a lot, supply for forgiveness like the last time, and I run away to Tallin, where I received a psychiatric treatment for calm myself.

Then, the mails began another time, here some extracts:

Messages sent from josephine.—-@yahoo.ca to martin——@———– on following dates

1 fevrrier  1 February ( the day after I quite Berlin to Tallinn)

STP reviens le plus vite que possible, reprends moi, je t’aime

Please come back as soon is possible, come with me again, I love you

Je ne sais pas comment vivre sans toi!!!!!!!! Tu es toujours là pour moi et je peux compter sur toi.

I don’t know how to leave without you !!! You are always there for me and I can always reckon on you.

J’ai dû faire l’expérience d’avoir un couple avec Mark sinon j’aurais toujours eu l’idée dans ma tète.

I must to did the experience to be in couple with Mark if not this idea will be always in my mind.

Maintenant je l’ai tentée et vu que ça ne fonctionne pas. Donc, ça ne va jamais se répéter.

Now that I had tried and I can see that doesn’t work, it will never happen again.

Bon, pense si tu peux perdre une autre fois une heure pour me parler personnellement et écouter ce que je veux dire. Peut-être tu peux rester quelques temps et on tente de reconstruire… si tu veux.

Well, think  if you can lost again one hour to speak with me personally and listen what I will tell you. Perhaps you can stay some time and we will try to reconstruct … if you want

Ton amour Your beloved

Tout le mal que 2 personnes peuvent se faire on l’a deja fait. A partir de maintenant ça peut s’améliorer seulment!!!

 All the harm that two persons can do to each other we already did. In future all can only become better !!!

Tu me manques!!!! I miss you

10 fev 10 February

1-      Communique avec moi ! ne me laisses pas comme ça. J’ai besoin de toi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speak with me please ! Don’t leave me like that. I need you !!!!!!!

2-      STP parles moi!!!!! Je te supplique! Ne me fais pas perdre tout dans ma vie! STP je t’aime encore!!!!

Please speak to me ! I supplicate you ! Don’t do that I lost all that I have in my life! Please I stills love you !

3-       STP ne me laisses pas……. Je ne veux pas de sexe. Je veux te parler c’est l’unique chose que je veux!!!!

Please don’t leave me… I don’t want sex. I want to speak with you, that’s the only that I want !!!

4-      STP  Please

Tu ne peux pas me parler une dernière fois???? Donnes-moi la possibilité de te parler…

Could you speak to me only a last time ? Give me the opportunity to speak…..

5-      Bon, finalement des signals de vie de toi.

Well, finally life signals of you.

Tu ne dois pas me faire ni de plaisir ni rien. Je ne m’appelle pas Albrecht et ne vas pas etre le cas au future.

You don’t need to be polite or anything else. Albrecht isn’t my surname, and will not be my surname in the future

Mais oui, le future vient et j’ai peur. J’ai peur d’un future sans toi!!!

But yes, future is coming and I am fear. I am afraid of a future without you.

Un nom sur la porte veut dire rien – rien de tout. Avec toi j’ai habitee beaucoup plus ensemble que avec lui et j’avais beaucoup plus de compromis.

A surname on the door is not important, doesn’t mind nothing at all. With you I lived together so much more time and I had so much more compromise (degree)

Bon, d’abord je veux te dire que je respecte tous tes décisions. Si tu ne veux plus jamais me voir je le respecte. Je vais préparer  tout parce que tu peux prendre les choses (et aussi le titre) et t’en allee sans me voir et ne plus jamais retourner. Je le comprends et je le respecte.

Well, first I want to tell you that I respect all yours decision. If you don’t want even see me again for ever, I respect that. I will prepare all your staff (also your diploma) and you will take without see me and we never see again. I understand you and I respect your decision.

Par contre si tu veux écouter ce que se passe dans ma tète, voila:

However if you want to know what is happened in my soul, listen:

Moi aussi, j’ai eu les meilleurs moments de ma vie avec toi!!! Et ton amour m’a donnée beaucoup de sécurité dans moi-même! Je t’ai aimé et encore je t’aime.

Me as well (that  you), I had the betters moments of my life with you !!! and your love give me a lot of security in myself ! I was loved you and still I love you.

Tout la question de la virginite: oui, j’etais virgine quand on s’a connu et oui, le mettre avec toi la premiere fois dans ma vie a eu un effet sur moi et une connexion avec toi tellement forte – jusqu’a le point que on a vecu beaucoup de temps separee sans le mettre avec des autres. Je savais que avec toi j’ai une relation especiale et que personne d’autre pourrait m’aimee comme toi tu m’as aimee.

About the subject of virginity, Yes I was virgin when we meet and yes, the fact that I give you  ( the virginity) produce in my an extreme strong connection with you – even to the point that we was living a lot of time separated and I never had sex with others. I knew that with you I have an special relationship and that nobody else could love me like you had love me.

La relation avec Mark. Je suis certaine que je vais me sentir beaucoup des années repenti.

The relationship with Mark. I am sure that I will regret for so many years

Je mets au present tout en question. Je ne suis plus sure de rien. Ni sur de ton amour (et les raisons pour laquelle) ni sur de l’amour pour l’autre… Je pense que j’avais une illusion de lui dans ma tete et je suis arrivee dans la realite ca fait quelques semaines ou mois deja.

At this moment I guess about all things. I am not longer sure about nothing. I am not sure about if you still love me ( and for which reasons ?) and also I am not sure about the love that I feel for the other (Mark)… I think that I had an illusion in my mind about him, and I landed to the reality some weeks or some months ago.

Et maintenant, que tout est perdu – qu’est-ce que je vais faire? Dans ma vie??? Je suis tellement triste et déprimée!!!

And now, that all is lost – what I will do? In my life ? I am totally unhappy and depressed !!!

Je ne sais plus rien. Et si tu pourrais m’aimer une autre fois? Je pense que avec beaucoup de travail, surtout de ma cote, ca pourrait se regler avec du temps. Mais il faut deux et il faudrait une base sur laquelle on reconstruierait de confiance et de l’amour et des bonnes moments ensemble une autre fois.

I am no more sure about nothing. What about if you could love me again? I think that with a lot of work, fundamentally of my side, it can be possible to repair with the time. However it must two (persons) and it will must a basement where we will rebuild the confidence, the love and the wonderful moments together again.

Peut-etre tu m’aimerais d’une autre facon mais je pense que ca se laisserait regler.

Perhaps you will love me in another way, but I think that we can repair (the relationship).

Tout un hypothèse. That is my hypothesis .

Je te souhaite le mieux pour toi, si tu ne veux plus me voir ou parler jamais… Tu es la meilleur personne que je connais et tu m’as aidee toujours!!! Je te remercie pour tout ce que tu as fait pour moi!!!!!!!!

I wish for you the best, even if you don’t want to see or speek with me never again… You are the better person that I know and you was always supporting me!!! I thanks you so much for all that you made for me !!!

Ta Josephine Your Josephine

21 fev      21 February

On avait les meilleurs moments de vie ensemble et c’etait vrai!!!

We had the betters moments of life together and that it is true !!!

Tout l’amour etait vrai. Mais si tu veux m’abandonner pour toujours je ne peux pas te faire changer d’idee.

All the love was trut. However if you want to abandon me for  ever I can’t exchange your mind.

26 fev      26 February

Sans toi je voie que ma vie c’est une merde. Tu es la personne le plus importante dans ma vie!!!

Without you I feel that my life is a shit. You are the more important person in my life !!!

Et tu m’as dit que tu ne me veux plus. Et, j’ai tellement peur de etre seul. Tu m’as jettee tellement de merde – que je suis une pute, que je baisse et que je ne merite rien de toi.

And you said me that you don’t want me anymore. And me, I am so afraid to be alone.

Mais bon, qu’est-ce que on va faire. Je pense que les choses sont simple: si tu m’aimes encore, tu pourrais me voir, voir ce que ca donne. Mais pas quand je suis accompagnée (j’ai du te quitter la cle pour lui)…

But well, what can I do. I think that this matter is very simple: if you still love me, you could meet me, and try to see what happends. But not when I am with Mark ( I just demand you to give me the key back because he ordered me)

28 fev 28 February ( the day when I had my flight)

Restes, stp!!! Reprends-moi. Je vais faire tout ce que tu veux! Je te supplique! Sinon je vais regretter tout ma vie que je t’ai laisser partir! Je ne veux pas vivre sans toi. Tu es ma famille!!!

Stay here, please !!! Came with me again. I will do all that you want! I supplicate you ! if not I will regret all my life that I don’t impeach you to leave ! I don’t want to leave without you. You are my family !!!

Comment tu penses que je peux arriver a l’aeroport dans une heure?

How do  you think that I can arrive to the airport in one hour?

Je suis dans l’hopital!!!  I am in the hospital !!!!

Si tu veux je te laisse savoir quand je l’ai mis dehors dans les prochaines jours et tu reviens…

If you want I will lets you know when I will kick off (Mark) in the next days and you come back…

Réponds-moi quand tu lis ca!!! Answer me when you will read that !!!

–                          –                                   –                        –                                       –

Even if I want to believe her with all my soul, despite that everybody of my relatives told me: that is pure manipulation.

After many days of painful reflexing in Tallinn, I decided to try, as she wants, to renounce at all my values and try to rebuild another time, despite all.

Just because she supplicated a lot. I decide not to return with her directly, like the last time I did, but at least to try to put all the facts in the sun light first.

I put a condition: all this shit that is hidden must be public, like this we have a chance to don’t repeat the same one third time. She refuses… of course.

So I decide to force the situation and I went to the Josephine apartment when I knew that Mark was there. I thought: well at least this cowardly must pretend to be a man in front of her… if I go at his home.

But not, Josephine came downstairs alone… so I insisted for several minutes… – we must speak about all, at least one time, the three… I insisted to go upstairs but she impeached me… then Mark has opened the door…

I thought…. finally… but not the coward didn’t came downstairs… even after some minutes and finally Josephine told me that I am a monster… and that she was afraid about me.

So I am a monster because I want to cheek mails, opinions and facts? So I am.

However after this I understood that their relationship is based on lies, hypocrisy and darkness since the beginning. Even since the time when they met, when   Josephine was fourteen, pretending to have some Christian values… and doing the opposite in intimacy, having all kind of sexual activities, inappropriate for her age at that time (as she told me, in her actual opinion!) trying many times to consummate the act… that didn’t happened for his incapacity, or his impotency, or both…

But because she insisted by mail that she loves me… I decide to wait some days more…

I told her only the truth about my feelings, I tell her that for me she is a bitch, and that perhaps I will love a bitch… but a repented one. And strongly I told her that she can’t continue to say that she is repentant and continue to live in the same way.

That if she is really repentant, she must show publically, tell the truth to all the people that they lied, and try to compensate the damages. And I don’t pretend to be without fault. I recognize my mistakes as well…. but I never lie, and all that I did was for try to save the relationship.

I tell her that I wanted first the justice, not like revenge! I don’t want any revenge because any revenge can repair the damages, but only to produce more damage, and I have really enough!

But because she insist that she wants to come back, I told her the only way that I can imagine that perhaps it could work is the justice way, only in this way we like a person can have some restoration, and perhaps remotely as a couple.

A condition that she said that she accepts on Friday 28 February, when for this hope I had lost a flight, (that I recognize she had the generosity to give me the money back) when she said…”finally I don’t regret anything”… I want to continue to live in this way…. Doesn’t matter how much time I need to lie to you and to the others.

This last manipulation was my limit, the ultimate lie that I was disposed to support.

In any case I refuse to continue to be the toy of her manipulations, or perhaps their manipulations, who knows ?

But I feel the responsibility to advertise others, because I would like to be advertised some years, or even some months ago, how much pain could have been avoided? Even for Josephine.

If I shut up now, I will be complicit in this fraudulency. It can’t be.

Wer der Gerechtigkeit und Güte nachjagt, der findet Leben, Gerechtigkeit und Ehre.

Even if I have to suffer the embarrassment of showing all my intimacy in public.

I apologize if with this open letter I offended some person or if I have wronged someone.

However I only write facts, which can be checked on the mails, or sometimes for facts that Josephine told me very clear, in moments when was so difficult that she lies. And others issues I see with my eyes in the apartment.

I take a lot of care also to don’t show bad language, or to specifically involucrate others persons, or to made reference to cultural or religious specific issues.

A fact can’t be offensive for any person.

So if you have some contact with this people, you have now more information about…people who have the same behavior for years tend to behave the same way in the future.

For sure I don’t want to have anymore other contact with any person, directed or undirected connected with this history.

With this letter I finish forever the more painful, wretch, miserable and unhappy chapter of my life.


–            I just choice here selected sentences of longs mails from translation, issues that was the essential in this message. Also I cut all that can be inappropriate for public diffusion, because of explicit reference to sexual issues, or bad words in the original French, or reference to others peoples.

However original French mail must be in Josephine notebook.(however I believe that perhaps she deleted the originals…, for this reason I sent also a copy to Mark @mail, and also but I conserve double copy of all.

–   Some of these texts inspire me when  I was writing this letter

Denn nichts ist verborgen, das nicht offenbar werde, auch nichts Heimliches, das nicht kund werde und an den Tag komme Lukas 8- 17

und werdet die Wahrheit erkennen, und die Wahrheit wird euch frei machen. Johannes 8- 32

Denn nun ihr frei geworden seid von der Sünde, seid ihr Knechte der Gerechtigkeit geworden. Roemer 6-18

Wer der Gerechtigkeit und Güte nachjagt, der findet Leben, Gerechtigkeit und Ehre. Sprueche 21-21

Selig sind, die da hungert und dürstet nach der Gerechtigkeit; denn sie sollen satt werden. Matthaeus 5-6

Er sprach aber zu seinen Jüngern: Es ist unmöglich, daß nicht Ärgernisse kommen; weh aber dem, durch welchen sie kommen! Lukas 17-1

Und der HERR sandte Nathan zu David. Da der zu ihm kam, sprach er zu ihm: Es waren zwei Männer in einer Stadt, einer reich, der andere arm.2Der Reiche hatte sehr viele Schafe und Rinder;3aber der Arme hatte nichts denn ein einziges kleines Schäflein, das er gekauft hatte. Und er nährte es, daß es groß ward bei ihm und bei seinen Kindern zugleich: es aß von seinem Bissen und trank von seinem Becher und schlief in seinem Schoß, und er hielt es wie eine Tochter.4Da aber zu dem reichen Mann ein Gast kam, schonte er zu nehmen von seinen Schafen und Rindern, daß er dem Gast etwas zurichtete, der zu ihm gekommen war, und nahm das Schaf des armen Mannes und richtete es zu dem Mann, der zu ihm gekommen war.5Da ergrimmte David mit großem Zorn wider den Mann und sprach zu Nathan: So wahr der HERR lebt, der Mann ist ein Kind des Todes, der das getan hat! 6Dazu soll er vierfältig bezahlen, darum daß er solches getan hat und nicht geschont hat. 7Da sprach Nathan zu David: Du bist der Mann! So spricht der HERR, der Gott Israels: Ich habe dich zum König gesalbt über Israel und habe dich errettet aus der Hand Sauls, 8und habe dir deines Herrn Haus gegeben, dazu seine Weiber in deinen Schoß, und habe dir das Haus Israel und Juda gegeben; und ist das zu wenig, will ich noch dies und das dazutun. 9Warum hast du denn das Wort des HERRN verachtet, daß du solches Übel vor seinen Augen tatest? Uria, den Hethiter, hast du erschlagen mit dem Schwert; sein Weib hast du dir zum Weib genommen; ihn aber hast du erwürgt mit dem Schwert der Kinder Ammon. 10Nun so soll von deinem Hause das Schwert nicht lassen ewiglich, darum daß du mich verachtet hast und das Weib Urias, des Hethiters, genommen hast, daß sie dein Weib sei. 11So spricht der HERR: Siehe, ich will Unglück über dich erwecken aus deinem eigenen Hause und will deine Weiber nehmen vor deinen Augen und will sie deinem Nächsten geben, daß er bei deinen Weibern schlafen soll an der lichten Sonne. 12Denn du hast es heimlich getan; ich aber will dies tun vor dem ganzen Israel und an der Sonne.    2  Samuel 12 – 1/12


Une réflexion sur “Facebook open letter.

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